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Monthly Archive:: September 2014

LRC Moustache Day



A fine LRC tradition is upon us. The first home game of every year marks Moustache Day! Beware that players who chose to forgo the moustache may be forced into a Sharpie ‘stash.

Note that to properly qualify all non-mustache related facial hair should be removed. Nothing below the lip.










Langley Ladies Home Opener!


The Langley women are hosting a tournament style rugby day with 4 teams playing 3 games each. First Kick-Off is at 11am featuring our gals against Kelowna. 10-a-side games are fast paced, action packed, and only 20 minutes long so you’ll get 6 games in 2 hours.

I watched some of the women on Thursday and I am curious to know how the boat race will turn out.

More than just a game schedule…

GAME_DAYWhen you click on a game in the schedule you’ll find more details about who is playing and where. Past games will get updated with scores so you’ll be able to follow the team even when you can’t make the game. Check it out.