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Now Hiring

Team Trainer

If you are familiar with sports taping, don’t mind the occasional sight of blood, and want to add to your professional portfolio, then we have a job for you! It’s a paid position! Can I possibly add a third exclamation point!? More details here: Trainer


Team Manager

Be part of the team! If you are organized and willing to learn this is a great way to get involved. Take this on with passion and hundreds of people will adore you. Plus you will get paid! More details here: Manager

9am Rugby final!

Too early for beer? We’ll have coffee, Baileys and breakfast sandwiches. Club opens at 8:30.

LRC Halloween 2015


This is going to be big. It was a sell out so we have tents and have opened up the outside.
haloweenClick here to buy tickets online.


Surrey inspires Langley to dig deep for cancer

While we enjoyed the results on the field, the real win today was when 2 opposing teams got together to share a common pain and a common goal. LRC members contributes somewhere around $7000 towards Surrey’s annual Ruck for a Cure. Thanks for putting us to the test Beavers.




Check out the article in the Clovedale Reporter

Another Update:

Each of these guys paid somewhere between $650 and $1150 for their jerseys.

He Is No Fool Who Gives What He Cannot Keep, To Gain That Which He Cannot Lose.

cureRich, Stu, Steve, Brett, Kolby… did I miss anyone


Monopoly winning pieces 2014!

Being finely tuned dedicated athletes, this post is obviously not meant for our players who would not subject their bodies to McDonald’s food. But for those fans who may find themselves in front of a Big Mac from time to time, I can save you from stuffing these bits in your wallet.  The pieces below are the rare ones that make the win. If have a piece that is not on the list, it’s junk.


PS. I have Park Place. If you find Boardwalk let’s team up and split the prize!


LRC Moustache Day



A fine LRC tradition is upon us. The first home game of every year marks Moustache Day! Beware that players who chose to forgo the moustache may be forced into a Sharpie ‘stash.

Note that to properly qualify all non-mustache related facial hair should be removed. Nothing below the lip.