Langley Rugby Club

Bayside vs Langley

Though Langley came as conquers it was the paper chase that secured the bragging rights for the days activities. The difference in the men  today was confidence.  Langley’s new found unity shined brightly today as each man took ownership over their roles.

The fire in Langley’s belly, the passion in their bones and thirst for success drove them to take possession of Langley’s wins today.

First Division  kept the Sharks at bay with Langley’s  fierce and confident passing game. Over and over again their passing kept them flirting with the goal line. Steady and with constant pressure Langley didn’t hesitate to answer the call to return the ball and advance.

First Division squad was down at the twenty minute marker. Langley’s come back was separated by which seemed to be a million yards. Defeats mocking glare stirred their hunger and fueled the  pressure on the Sharks. Hard fought rucks and clean passing lead Langley into the promise land securing the paper trail victory.

The stakes are higher and the value deeper in the waters of First Division. Each swift movement lands with gravity that pulls on the heart and mind.  With pride and fierce action came emotion and boiling blood which tipped the scales in Langley’s favour.

Second Division let loose today from all reservations as the jitters of inexperience melted away as the sun broke free above the field vaporizing the cloud of timidity.  Langley’s identity as a team blossomed in the light of their freed minds found in the dedication to practice and training.

 Langley came to play today and it showed.  Through the veil of thought and desire came the possession and acquisition of their first recorded win. Up two try’s and keeping the Sharks from penetrating Langley’s goal line the team seemed to experience new ground in  confidence and cadence.

The day would expose Langley to trial by fire as Bayside would retaliate thru demanding pressures in the set scrums, fast paced running game and passing technique. Unshaken was the Second Division squad as this new found anchor and foundation birthed another try and made the final score 22 to 17.