Langley Rugby Club

Richmond vs Langley



Chemistry Builds

Atoms of convalescence protrude the days festivities. As the second div men puddle into the element that is LRC. We hear the echoes of hard hits and dynamite reactions that can

only be produced by each of these sub­units functioning in confidence and boldness. The nucleus of this day energized by the protons that gives The Langley Rugby Club its substance.

Second Division Initiatives

Chemistry builds in the battle for gains. Elements of success and the bonding of atoms and cell data found in the new faces and lives in different stages. The Conquests of the

second divisions unity of breath. As LRC seconds take the stance in this rematch at Richmond’s home field, a soggy and soft field thrashed and torn by the journey of self discovery pressed on thru the mid­day. Langley and Richmond prepared the atmosphere for the headlining First Division competition. Found in the hearts is the compound substance the result of the components and the proper ratio of protons. The mixture of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen encase each personality that says we will rise again and again to face the challenge. Of greater worth than diamonds and gold the very soul poured into these elements. Function as team and compound the desire, the hard work and persistent resistance of the forces applied against them.

First Division : Hard hits And Deliveries Fulfilled.

Langley starts strong and steady as they settle into a rhythm tuned to confidence and assurance in each other which makes the difference in this arena. A reputation of a good show draws in supporters orbited by alumni, family and friends. In the heat of competition, dirt gets thrown and the comments are sown. The side lines begun to buzz with interest and heckles as each individual ref’s the game from their perspective. The first try comes in with a slide. Fresh legs and swift exchanges infuse the game with thrills, excitement and the limitations of bodies exposed to this game. Broken collarbones; a family friend remind us the expense these warriors pay to bring Langley another try and the conversion. Creeping thru the twenty minute mark Langley is able to keep Richmond scoreless. The witness records the score 14­0 advantage Langley. A hard fighting Richmond finally breaches the guarded try line leaving a man on the deck. Pressure builds as they conspire and reconsider the clotting blood at the surface of the skin. Batteries holding their charge as the second half fuse is lit. Langley crashes in on Richmond putting them on there heels. A holding fast defense pushes Langley back past center field with a kick.

Langley defending their one point lead keeps Richmond out of the try line who reaches out with a field goal to take a one point lead.

15­14 Advantage Richmond

Langley serves up a series of rucks and line outs inside the twenty­two keeping the pressure on the closing minutes. Langley rises to the challenge slowly gaining, igniting the climax with a one point deficit on the score board and the sun setting Richmond pushed back to their twenty two. Sideline to sideline the field is consumed with the glory of this story. Ruck to ruck and whistle to whistle LRC persists to hammer away at the defenders with only a few meters of earth, the most precious real estate in this 80 minute roller coaster ride. Langley ops for a field goal with no time on the clock and this being the last play of this day. A quietness falls over the entire borough it seemed as Langley’s scrum half lines up for the very purpose he came to the pitch. He strides away and shakes off the butterflies seeking to distract. The approach and release launches the satellite into the stratosphere as the sidelines hold their breath witnessing the closing points being delivered and Langley takes the day by one point.


Date Time League Full Time
November 22, 2014 1:00 pm 1st Div Men 90'


Richmond - King George Park
12240 Cambie Road, Richmond, BC V6V 2H8, Canada


Position T C P DG


Position T C P DG